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Junk Food

You've been on a roll. Your diet is on lock-down. But unbeknownst to you, today it is someone's birthday at work. People at your work are friendly so all sorts of cupcakes and treats are available. You don't want to be 'that guy' so you're like WTF, why not.

Man, that velvet cupcake wasn't bad at all. Those homemade cookies were bunk though. The cravings monster has now awoken. Fasting? What's that? F that it says. So you decide to go to Thai Express and pound your favourite Sweet 'n Sour chicken stir fry. And after a meal like that, something sweet would be perfect. So why not grab a KitKat Chunky Bar with a Coke Zero on your way back to the office.

When you get home, your kids give you big hugs at the door. They look super cute today and you're excited to see them. Your wife has been training for a triathlon and leaves for an intense session. Dad's in charge of dinner tonight!

The kids start pleading with you to have cereal for dinner. It doesn't sound like such a bad idea. In fact, with no real dinner plan for yourself, you go for it. Mini-Wheats for everyone! With some cucumbers of course on the side. At least we'll get our fibre!

You get a message from your wife after she's likely burned 1200 calories. She's a shift worker and has had a long week. It's her Friday and she wants to know if I 'need anything' from the store. How about something for desert I say. And those chocolate chip cookies I like (still thinking about the lack of satisfaction from the bunk homemade cookies earlier this morning). Let's not forget the 6-pack of Heindogs (Heineken) and the Miss Vickies Potato Chips.

It was fun. Let's be honest. But also ephemeral. Man, 5000 calories are easy to spend. And now, the morning after. The guilt. And then, the ridiculous 60-hour fast. And now you're back on track again.

But Succession Season 2 premieres later this week. It pairs really well with whiskey and ice cream I hear.

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